J.J. Watt Celebrated Signing His $100 Million Deal By Getting To The Gym At 4 A.M.

  • Eric Goldschein

jj watt

There are usually two chapters in the career of an elite athlete: before the money, and after. For some reason, getting a ton of cash — both guaranteed and non-guaranteed — makes a guy less likely to keep working at the same level that was necessary to get the contract in the first place. Perhaps you’ve heard of Albert Haynesworth?

So Texans fans must have been a little wary when defensive end/monster J.J. signed a six-year, $100 million deal on Monday. Will he be the same beast off the edge? Will he still look like Shrek, if Shrek drank protein shakes and lifted regularly? If Tuesday morning is any indication: Yes.

Via Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle:

In Smith’s follow-up article, he said Watt was there at 3 a.m., and Watt himself said at his press conference that he’d been in the building since 3:30 — so, in conclusion, he was there really early.

Don’t expect Watt to fall off a cliff like so many other overpaid once-greats before him.

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