If Jacoby Jones Winds Up Winning Super Bowl MVP, These Plays Will Be Why

  • Glenn Davis

You might not have noticed, but during tonight’s blackout-riddled Beyonce performance, the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens have engaged in a sporting contest, contesting one another in a game of Foot-ball. And no one has played it better tonight than the Ravens’ Jacoby Jones. He has two of the Ravens’ four scores, both on big plays that catapulted Baltimore to a 28-6 early-third-quarter lead. On the first, he caught a long bomb from Joe Flacco, fell down, got back up (he wasn’t touched), and outraced a couple Niners to the end zone. See it here:

Then, to begin the second half, Jones fielded a kickoff deep in his own end zone. Usually, it’s a questionable decision to run a kickoff out from that deep. This time? Not so much:

Jones covered 108 yards on that return. You know how many people have ever taken a kickoff for a score for longer in NFL history? Zero. That was an NFL-record-tying performance. And if the Ravens can withstand the post-blackout rally the Niners are putting together, Jones stands a good chance of commemorating his effort with a Super Bowl MVP award.