Jaguars Fans Are Lining Up To Watch Tebow Exist

  • Joe Levine

Floridians love Tim Tebow so much. (How much do they love him?) Floridians love Tim Tebow so much that the will pay top dollar to see him rot away on the bench. They’ll get their opportunity this weekend as the Jacksonville Jaguars host the New York Jets.

As Tebow returns to the state where Tebow Mania/Time was born, the Jaguars have taken note and are making the necessary accommodations:

The hometown Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback from the University of Florida is among the reasons the Jaguars have removed a tarp that usually covers 1,100 seats in the upper deck of EverBank Field to accommodate increased ticket demand for the Dec. 9 game against the Jets, Jaguars President Mark Lamping said in an interview.

Unfortunately for them, there is an incredibly high probability that Tebow won’t even suit up, let alone play. The backup quarterback/fan favorite has been nursing a broken rib for the last few weeks and is a gametime decision to back up Jets starter Mark Sanchez, who somehow won back his starting job this week after being benched in the fourth quarter against Arizona for playing like garbage. The backup that week, Greg McElroy, led the Jets to a 7-6 victory in that limited action. Perfect microcosm of everything that’s wrong with the Jets.

Well, here’s hoping Tebow at least shows up and tosses some t-shirts in the crowd. Given how horribly the Jets have treated him this season, this could be the only positive moment for him this season before he’s traded to the Jags in the offseason.