JaMarcus Russell Arrested In Sting Operation, Spectacular Downfall Continues

  • Glenn Davis

At this point, it’s absolutely surreal that JaMarcus Russell was ever a #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. After playing and eating his way off the Oakland Raiders, who took him with that fateful No. 1 pick in 2007, he further tarnished his already-shattered image when he was arrested today for possession of a controlled substance. And it gets worse.

It wasn’t just any old run-of-the-mill arrest – it was part of an undercover sting operation. The “controlled substance” in question was codeine syrup. It’s a prescription drug, but as you’ve probably guessed by now, Russell did not have a prescription. The drug codeine is most widely used in making is commonly known as…

In a development that will surprise no one, people are already having their fun with news of Russell’s arrest, but also – I mean, this is pretty sad. The guy has a ton of talent (witness this throw – his arm strength is unreal), and the possibility he’ll ever come close to reaching his potential is getting slimmer and slimmer [insert joke about how Russell himself isn’t getting slimmer here].

Hopefully Russell uses the embarrassment from this incident as a springboard to turn himself and his career around, but he’s got a long, long way to go to get there.