Jason Garrett On Cowboys' Signing Of Michael Sam: 'This Is About Football'

  • Rick Chandler

Michael Sam has been signed to the Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad, as we told you on Tuesday, after being released by the Rams. Reaction in Big D? Positive, as far as we can tell. Head coach Jason Garrett addressed the signing at his press conference today and emphasized that it was “all about football.” Not sure what else it would be about … jersey sales? Anyway, see his comments below.

Dallas Morning News:

“We feel like he has a chance to come in at a position we’ve tried to address really throughout the offseason, throughout training camp, and compete for a spot,” Garrett said. “The way we view the practice roster is, first and foremost their job is to help facilitate practice. But it’s also a great opportunity for us to develop personnel and evaluate personnel, and this is no different for us.

“We’re bringing in a player we want to see on the practice field. We got nothing but good reports about him from our people and people in St. Louis. We just want to give him a chance to come in and see if he can help our football team.”

Sam was born in Galveston, and is expected to wear jersey No. 46.

“I think most importantly, it’s an external thing,” Garrett said of questions about Sam. “It comes from the outside. That’s [the media’s] decision as to what question [they] want to ask. We’re focused on football.

“…We evaluated him as a football player, and felt like he could help us as a football player. We want to see what he can do. But our attention and focus is on football, it’s on getting ready for the 49ers. That’s the culture we have around here. That’s the culture we’ll continue to have.”

Meanwhile, are you kidding me with this? Seriously? That’s bad even for you, TO.