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Jason Pierre-Paul Reportedly Agrees To Terms With Giants, To The Surprise Of Jason Pierre-Paul

  • Rick Chandler


When NFL Media and ESPN reported that Jason Pierre-Paul and the New York Giants have agreed to a new contract (4 years, $17 million per year, $54 million guaranteed), that was pretty big — except that Pierre-Paul followed up with a couple of tweets throwing cold water on the whole thing.

What we’ve got here, is a failure to communicate. Pierre-Paul tweeted: “What the heck is people talking about I ain’t sign nothing.”

Can it be that he’s making a distinction between agreeing to a deal with the Giants, and actually signing the contract? No one reported that he physically signed the paper — just that a deal has been reached. Hard to believe that a man who who blew off some fingers with a U-Haul van full of fireworks could be that dumb.

Of course if the story is completely false and there is no deal in place, well, that’s a story in itself.