Jason Witten Wants To Sign A Medical Waiver To Play Tonight, But The Cowboys Won’t Let Him

  • Dan Fogarty

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten is still recovering from a lacerated spleen, and remains doubtful for tonight’s season opener against the New York Giants. In case you’re wondering, a lacerated spleen is about as serious as it sounds; usually they happen as a result of serious trauma, like from a car accident or, I don’t know, being stabbed.

Surgery has been ruled out for Witten, which is good. But despite being cleared medically to play in Week 2, he’s still, more than likely, a no-go tonight in the Meadowlands. According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, he’s spent some time trying to persuade the Cowboys to let him sign a medical waiver, but the team isn’t going for it.

Witten had a CT scan yesterday, but the Cowboys are playing the results of that scan close to the chest. Check on his fantasy availability in the lead-up to tonight’s game, but move ahead assuming you’ll have to go with a plan B at tight end. The Cowboys will also have to go with a plan B (or C): they might be down to two active tight ends if Witten can’t go, which drastically reduces Jason Garrett’s available playcalls.

Meanwhile, Witten’s former backup, Giants tight end Martellus Bennett, dropped this gem on reporters regarding Witten’s noted toughness.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he (Witten) picked up his spleen, held it in his hand and tried to run routes.”

That’s unlikely, but would be fantastic to see.