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Jay Cutler Taunts Vikings After Five-Yard Scramble Because He’s A Sad Little Man

  • Joe Levine

What do you do when you’re Jay Cutler and you’re a walking NFL punchline? You celebrate life’s little victories to the point where it’s excessive and you draw a fifteen-yard penalty for taunting.

You don’t have to look too far for an example of this. Cutler just scrambled for a modest five-yard gain against the Vikings defense and then over-celebrated the play, drawing a penalty after flipping the ball at the Minnesota defender. Because Jay C. is tough like that.

Smoking Jay Cutler just stiff-armed a dude and then got penal... on Twitpic

What else can you really say? I mean, other than Jay Cutler is a douche.

H/T @BuzzFeedSports

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