Jay Cutler Yelling At His Left Tackle Pretty Much Sums Up The Bears’ Night

  • Glenn Davis

Remember how, earlier in the week, a confident Jay Cutler, fresh off having his way with the Colts to the tune of 333 yards and two touchdowns, wished the Packers “good luck” in dealing with the Bears’ new-look, more physical receiving corps?

Well, the Packers had good luck last night, all right: the good luck of playing against a much different Cutler than the one from Week 1. Cutler finished 11 for 27 for 126 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions (passer rating: 28.2), but lest you think it should all be pinned on him, the Bears’ much-maligned offensive line had its own hand in their QB’s struggles, letting up seven sacks for losses totaling 52 yards. Not surprisingly, Cutler – somewhat well-known for not looking like the happiest guy in the world – was unhappy with that performance. He let left tackle J’Marcus Webb know it… and pretty soon, an audience of millions knew it too:

This has everything: Cutler in a bad mood and having no qualms about showing it, Cutler following a good game with a terrible one, and Cutler’s offensive line sucking. The clip above is a pretty good indicator of how the Bears’ offense fared last night, true – but more than that, isn’t it pretty symbolic of how Cutler’s entire Bears tenure has gone?

[Kissing Suzy Kolber]