Jay Ratliff Arrested For DWI Six Weeks After His Cowboys Teammate Killed Someone In A Drunk Driving Accident

  • Dan Fogarty

Oy. Jay Ratliff, the oft-injured Cowboys nose tackle who had a much-publicized locker room spat with Jerry Jones on Dec. 2, has been charged with DWI after after his truck struck an 18-wheeler in Grapevine, Texas. Ratliff (who was driving by himself) and the driver of the 18-wheeler weren’t injured.

Ratliff is friends with Josh Brent, the Cowboys player who’s facing up to 20 years in jail following a drunk-driving accident that killed practice squad player Jerry Brown. Ratliff was seen hugging Brent at Brown’s funeral, which just ratchets this whole thing up another level on the sad/confusing/what were you thinking scale.

Ratliff was arraigned and bonded out of jail Tuesday morning. He refused a breathalyzer, but Grapevine police obtained a search warrant that allowed them to take his blood (officers on the scene had determined he was intoxicated). Toxicology reports are pending.