Jenn Sterger Will Discuss Brett Favre Situation On GMA This Week

  • Glenn Davis

Odds are you’ve already heard (and seen?) more about Brett Favre than you’d ever care to know, and you will probably not be surprised to learn the story isn’t over just yet. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Jenn Sterger, the recipient of penis photos allegedly belonging to Favre, will discuss the ordeal publicly for the first time, on Good Morning America.

According to USA Today’s Michael McCarthy, Sterger tells George Stephanopoulos during the interview how a Jets employee tried to set her up with Favre:

“I was approached one day at the beginning of the pre-season games, by a man wearing a Jets badge, employee badge, who asked me, ‘How would you feel if Brett Favre asked for your phone number? What would you say?”

Well, according to Sterger, she said nothing, but Favre wound up with her number anyway. You know the rest: the texts. The photos. the massage therapists. Sterger’s eventual cooperation in the NFL’s investigation, which ended in Favre getting fined, but not suspended. And eventually, Sterger’s lawsuit against her former manager, Phil Reese.

Speaking of Reese, he talked to the New York Post about his relationship with Sterger. He said she was trying “to be seen as Jenn, not as a chest,” and that when he heard Deadspin’s story was about to get published, he “knew it was going to be an absolute disaster for everyone involved.” He wouldn’t, though, talk about the ending of their professional association (Sterger’s lawsuit said he was “attempting to capitalize personally on the Favre story”), only saying he “wish[es] her all the best.”

The Post’s story also contains this interesting tidbit:

She has taped a two-part sitdown with “Good Morning America,” set to air Tuesday and Wednesday. In exchange, the network agreed to hook Sterger up with a TV job, sources told The Post.

A spokesman for ABC denied Sterger was offered any job for her story.

Sterger declined multiple interview requests.

Well, that’s interesting…all the more so if the quid pro quo aspect is true. Also interesting: this is the second exclusive related to the Favre story GMA has landed: they also broke in January that Favre was being sued for sexual harassment by two former Jets massage therapists. And we’d expect that there will be significant interest surrounding Sterger’s appearances on the show this week, even though Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio doesn’t think so:

It’s a great get for ABC. If the calendar still reads October, November, or December 2010. At this point, the story is more stale than a loaf of bread purchased in October, November, or December 2010.

Is the story old at this point? Yes. Will this interview push it right back into the limelight? Yes. Will people watch? We’ll be shocked if they don’t.

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