CBS: Jenn Sterger Considering Lawsuits Against Favre, Jets

  • Dan Fogarty

CBS Sports’ Charley Casserly reports that Jenn Sterger will finally meet with NFL officials later this week (Thursday or Friday), and will “contradict [Brett] Favre’s statement where he denied sending her illicit pictures.”

Casserly also reports that Sterger is considering a lawsuit against Favre and the New York Jets.

Ever since Deadspin first broke the story, they’ve brought up the very strong possibility that someone on the Jets payroll put Favre in contact with Sterger, which, one would assume, would open the team up for all sorts of lawsuits. Well, one of the things on the agenda for this meeting between Sterger, her lawyers, and the NFL will be identifying said Jets employee. So, was it this guy? I guess we’ll find out later this week.

In terms of the pictures themselves, Favre has denied sending them all along, but has admitted to leaving the voicemails. Which, as CBS Facts and Rumors blog points out, could prove to be a costly mistake for Favre: tracing back the number that sent the pictures is probably pretty easy, and if they match up with the one that left the voicemails… well then, that really is Brett Favre’s penis everybody has been looking at for the past few weeks.

And if we get to that point, I’m not exactly sure what we do. Throw a penis party?

Oh, wait, that was yesterday.

[Casserly: Jenn Sterger agrees to meet with NFL] CBS

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