Jerry Jones Demotes Jason Garrett Without Firing Him, Calls It A Promotion

  • Dylan Murphy

Cowboys owner/GM/purveyor of all things football Jerry Jones did not fire Jason Garrett after the team’s win-or-go-home meltdown against the Washington Redskins. He canned defensive coordinator Rob Ryan instead, hiring Rod Marinelli to take over the defensive reins. Though Jones has never been shy of spectacle(s), he does sense that some semblance of stability would probably be the right touch at this point. Jason Garrett, after all, did not throw a boneheaded interception to miss the playoffs.

But Garrett has been the offensive play-caller during his coaching tenure, the medium through which he ascended to the head coaching position in the first place. And in that capacity, the Cowboys offense has been inconsistent, ranking 2nd to last in team rushing yards this past season. So Jones has decided to make a change and take the offensive play-calling duties away from Garrett – a demotion, if you will. He won’t, however.

Via the Dallas Morning News:

“‘It’s not a step back for Jason. It’s actually a step forward for Jason in my mind,’ Jones said. ‘Make no mistake about it, when I hired Jason to come into the organization as a coach he was hired specifically for his skills for his abilities to call the plays. When he became the head coach, it was at my insistence that he continue to call the plays. It was not at Jason’s insistence. It is not a step back for the Cowboys or a step back individually for him to change the way we basically are putting our game plan together or are calling the plays on the offensive side of the ball. As you well know, differencies in opinion can frankly be a step in a better direction.'”

No, no, Garrett wasn’t demoted. Well, yeah, he lost a responsibility, but that’s a promotion, really. But there’s no dysfunction here, none. Everything’s all good. Hunky-dory. They’re just all about opinions at the Cowboys organization. Multiple people conversing to come to a group conclusion. Kind of like how Jerry Jones unilaterally controls all personnel moves.

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