Jerry Jones Said “I Want Me Some Glory Hole,” And He Meant It

  • Glenn Davis

Sometimes you just have to sit there for a minute (or several), contemplating exactly how you want to go about writing something. Reading that not only did Jerry Jones use the phrase “glory hole” when talking to reporters about the coming season (emphasis on “coming” hehehe nailed it), not only did he then use it again (saying, incredibly, “I want me some glory hole”), proving he meant to use it the first time and generally putting his media session in danger of turning into something like this old Batman comic, but he’s apparently done this a lot? That was one of those times.

One thing to do: see Jones actually saying this stuff for myself, to prove it wasn’t all too good to be true:

Check. Glorious, glorious check. Now what? Well, Cowboys PR man Rich Dalrymple earned his money and reminded the gathered (and understandably snickering) media members that “glory hole” is actually a commonly-used phrase in the oil industry that made Jones rich. And apparently it is. The more you know.

And with that done? Well… I’m stumped. All I can bring myself to do is keep marveling at Jones’ casual use of “glory hole.” I wish I had more jokes for you, but does this even need a joke? It’s Jerry Jones repeatedly saying “glory hole.” There’s nothing I can add to that. Well, except to posit that in the glory hole days Jones references, “I want me some glory hole!” might have been a pretty common exclamation among many members of the Cowboys. And that we hope this all ends with Rob Ryan yelling “I want me some glory hole!” during defensive meetings to fire up his troops.

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