Jerry Jones Just Broke Ground On A Glittering New Cowboys Headquarters, But Fans Aren't Very Impressed (Slideshow)

  • Rick Chandler

If Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson could somehow morph between two beings — like say, Bruce Banner and The Hulk — what a juggernaut the Dallas Cowboys would be. Jerry could do his Jerry things as a businessman and developer, and then when it’s game time, his anger rises and suddenly he becomes a great coach. Explanation? A radioactive accident or gamma rays or something. And if there could be a Stan Lee cameo during games, that would help too.

Sadly, that’s not going to happen. So we have Jerry the billionaire, building stuff like this new Cowboys headquarters in Frisco, Texas, which is impressive indeed. But the team? Hello fourth straight season at 8-8.

But look at the renderings of the Cowboys’ new practice complex/empire above, and below. Jones relocated the team’s practice facility to a five-acre plot in Frisco, which is in the greater Dallas area, to the north. There will be a 12,000-seat indoor field, two large outdoor practice fields, plus offices and other facilities. And it will be part of a 20-acre multi-use events center, with office buildings and retail space because, Jerry Jones. It will be ready for the 2016 season.

But the facility will also be shared by the Frisco Independent School District (Frisco, McKinney, Plano and Little Elm), and play host to high school football, soccer and lacrosse, in addition to graduation events and concerts.

“As you could imagine, we’ve caught the energy of Frisco. We’ve got it. We’ve got the Frisco Flu,” Jones said at Friday’s groundbreaking ceremony. “We’ve got it and we sit down and say, ‘Boy that’s a lot more than we thought we were going to do.’ But this isn’t a dress rehearsal and we only have one time to go around. So let’s do it the right way.”

As one can imagine, however, most long-suffering Cowboys fans would trade all of this to see their team in the Super Bowl. Dallas Morning News comments section:

Jay2 days ago
Jerr-a is one hell of a developer, deal maker, oil man and chaser of tail. But the only thing I care about is his ability to field a great team we can be proud of and properly represent this great city. In this respect he and the Cowgirls are a joke.

Playoffs?Yesterday, 02:53 PM
How about breaking new ground by getting to the playoffs? Jerry’s legacy is making money, imagine how much he could make if we started winning! Anyone under 20 years old can’t remember the Cowboys as contenders, just pretenders. We used to have that many years of a winning record in a row. Hope and Hype is getting to be very hollow as the years roll by…the youth are not following and the rest of us are getting old.

Here are some renderings of the new project, plus some photos from the groundbreaking ceremony:


Thanks to Lew Patton.