The Braylon Edwards-Dubbed “Idiots Calling Shots” Have Idiotically Claimed Braylon Edwards Off Waivers

  • Dylan Murphy

There was this, only a week ago:

Not that many people disagree with that sentiment, but Edwards apologized soon after.

We thought he was backing down from his comments in response to possible NFL backlash, but that might not have been the case. It turns out those idiots calling the shots just called an idiot shot: claiming Braylon Edwards off waivers.

Edwards confirmed the claim in a tweet from a few minutes ago:

Seattle waived the receiver only yesterday, and New York spent little time scooping him up. Maybe they’re doing it because they realize that the playoffs aren’t an unrealistic expectation. Or maybe because yes, they are in fact idiots. Either way, let’s all enjoy Braylon Edwards calling his own signing idiotic by transitivity.

For what it’s worth, we actually agree this transitive assessment, because bringing a receiver into the fold so late in the season is extremely difficult – there’s little time for him to learn the offense, and Edwards’ talent isn’t so superior that it can make up for the technical hiccups bound to happen along the way. No, the Jets are getting a receiver that drops passes and just blasted the same management that signed him.