The Jets Posted A Thank-You Message To Their Fans On Their Facebook Page, And Things Went Predictably Awry

  • Dan Fogarty

If you’re a pro sports franchise coming off a disappointing season, do yourself a favor: don’t post a message on Facebook thanking fans for their support during your “up-and-down” campaign. We’ve been over this before. You’re literally asking your fan base to post angry comments under your little status update, and, in turn, asking sites like ours to post screencaps of those angry comments.

In this instance, the offending team is the New York Jets. Because of course it is.

Coming off a terrible 6-10 campaign that saw one of the single worst funniest plays in franchise history, and with not much cause for hope on the horizon (Greg McElroy, yay!) the Gang Green faithful are understandably annoyed.

For the full thread on Facebook, click here. It really is a joy to read.

Here’s a sampling.

Screencap via Reddit.