New York Post: Jets Fan Beaten By Group Of Chiefs Fans Screaming 9/11 Insults

  • Glenn Davis

Great: another instance of fan-on-fan violence outside stadiums. The New York Post reported today that 23-year-old Jets fan James Mohr suffered a fractured jaw, cheekbone, and eye socket and bleeding on the brain at the hands of a group of angry Chiefs fans following the Jets’ 37-10 win Sunday. Mohr underwent surgery the following day.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how the conflict escalated to that point, here’s what Mohr’s family says happened:

[O]ne of the assailants [was] barking “F–k New York” and “You all deserved what happened on 9/11!” the victim’s distraught family told The Post.

[Mohr] was wearing his Jets gear after the team’s 37-10 victory as he walked through Parking Lot J at MetLife Stadium when a woman standing with a pack of thugs screamed the vile taunts.

Mohr took offense and told the rowdies their 9/11 insult was “disrespectful,” said his sister, Anna Mohr, 28.

And then, he got jumped. The Post added that a “police source” told them at least one of the group that attacked Mohr was wearing a Chiefs jersey. While one of the attackers was hit with a simple assault charge, the investigation into the incident is ongoing. Of course, when you hear a story like this (or this), in addition to the “loss of faith in humanity” thoughts, it’s tough not to think of the Bryan Stow case, and how there are still clearly way too many like it happening all over. That’s why this line from Mohr’s father, Dan, especially sticks out:

“When we got to the hospital, the people in the ER said, ‘Oh, not another one,’ and told us this happens all the time.”

All the time. No end in sight, apparently. Ugh.

Photo via the New York Post