Just A Couple Angry JetsBros Being Angry JetsBros

  • Glenn Davis

If you’re a Jets fan, you finally had something to be excited about yesterday. Your team dominated the Colts, 35-9. Shonn Greene was unstoppable, running for 161 yards and three touchdowns. Mark Sanchez… well, he did what he had to do, completing 11 of 18 passes for two touchdowns and no picks. Even Tim Tebow made a nice play. And the defense? It dominated, forcing four turnovers and making Andrew Luck look like the rookie he is. So it makes sense that the MetLife Stadum home crowd all banded together and enjoyed the day and

Or most did, anyway. According to YouTube user Solidice21, who uploaded the video above, the disagreement broke out because a “girl was talking a lot of smack to this guy’s PREGNANT wife.” Which guy and which girl were which, he didn’t say, but seeing as SweatshirtBro was the one who had to leave, we’re guessing he and his woman were the initial aggressors? And SweatshirtBro can proudly take his place in the “friend held him back, but he clearly wasn’t going to do anything” Hall of Fame.

Either way: Why could these people not just peacefully enjoy their team showing its greatest signs of life since the season opener? Fan fights break out at sporting events all the time, but it’s less often that you see fans of the same team getting into it. So… congrats, you guys and gals. You accomplished a relatively rare feat. But if you could maybe not be such complete idiots next time, that’d be good.