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Jets Fans Like Craig Carton Want The QB Woes To End On Draft Day

Jets Fans Like Craig Carton Want The QB Woes To End On Draft Day
  • Scott Engel

Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick Pictured Above. Browning Nagle, Mark Sanchez and Brooks Bollinger on The Mind.

Craig Carton is a diehard Jets fan, and like his green brethren, he practices remedial spelling in the stands and has seen more than his share of Broadway Bozos at quarterback. Craig, as a spokesman for tortured Jet fans everywhere, wants them to finally end a terrible run at QB in this year’s draft. Honestly, the Jets have not trotted out a top-level QB since Joe Namath left for Los Angeles. In this clip from Carton and Friends, Craig wishes upon a green and white star that this year’s NFL Draft will finally bring him someone who does not resemble Glenn Foley.

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