Here’s That Fitting Fumble That Ended The Jets’ Playoff Hopes

  • Glenn Davis

Sure, the Jets technically had a shot at the playoffs going into last night’s game against the Titans, but did a team that’s looked so bad for such large portions of the year ever really have a shot? In Nashville, the Jets provided the answer we all should have expected all along, and they did it with a flourish. This kind of flourish, to be exact:

Yes, as much as it pained us to even talk about the Jets’ sad fizzling out at all, as you can see, that play deserved its own post. The Jets would not be content with a mere butt fumble; no, when we look back on the 2012 Jets, we must have multiple slapstick-routine turnovers by which to remember this edition of Gang Green. And in multiple forms, too: you can enjoy/sadly marvel at last night’s deciding fumble in the above video, or in gif form:

We’ve got nothing left to say about these Jets. They have two games left. Good luck to them, we guess. But these final games are nothing more than a denouement. Last night was the climax. Just like the Rex Ryan Jets at both their best and worst, it was loud and in-your-face. But only the 2012 edition could produce an ending this pitiful. Is it the ending to the Mark Sanchez era, too? If not, we can only imagine the ways he might cough the ball up in 2013. We’re thinking a ball snapped directly off Sanchez’s groin is in play.

Fumble rating: Three butt fumbles out of four.