New York Jets Being Investigated For Harassing Spanish TV Reporter

  • Dan Fogarty

A reporter for Azteca TV, Ines Sainz, was reportedly harassed and catcalled when she made a trip to Jets practice yesterday to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez. Now, the NFL is investigating, and the team may be in hot water.

So, remember when some people said that the downright crazy amount of media attention being bestowed upon the New York Jets was a bad thing? And that the football-team-as-circus atmosphere that has steadily built itself up within the organization would eventually lead to distractions? It’s safe to say that accusations of harassment and a subsequent league investigation, just a day before they kick off on Monday Night Football against the Baltimore Ravens, would fall into the category of “distractions.”

Here’s what happened. Sainz, an extremely attractive reporter who usually only covers the Super Bowl, showed up to interview Sanchez. When the rest of the team saw her, they responded by “acting like frat boys,” catcalling her, and intentionally running into her during passing drills as she stood on the sidelines.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post referenced the passing drills incident, and based on the tone of his tweet, everybody thought things were fine and dandy:

Dennis Thurman purposely overthrowing the DBs in drills so they can “accidentally” run into TV Azteca reporter on the sideline. HILARIOUS.

HILARIOUS? Maybe not. The tweets have been erased, meaning either the Post or Thurman realizes the situation is getting a tad more serious.

Serious as in: The Association of Women in Sports Media asked the NFL to look into the incident, which the league described as “troubling.”

Sainz is best known for covering the NFL during the Super Bowl, and it’s not what you would call hard-hitting journalism (her signature move is measuring players’ biceps). So why would she be reporting on a team before the season even started?

Because the Jets, right now, are a zoo. They are fast becoming a magnet for media outlets that usually don’t touch football, which is potentially combustible when Rex Ryan‘s F-bomb locker room culture is the setting for the collision of worlds. When a busty Spanish reporter entered the Jets’ locker room yesterday, the situation may have combusted.

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