Jets Pick Geno Smith, Are Now Infested With Quarterbacks

  • Rick Chandler

They took heat for playing Mark Sanchez. They took heat for not playing Tim Tebow. So now Rex Ryan is going to fix the Jets’ quarterback problem in straightforward fashion: he’s going to throw dozens of them against the wall and see if one sticks.

Actually Ryan only has six quarterbacks on the roster right now. But that’s still a lot. New York drafted Geno Smith today with the 39th pick in the second round of the NFL Draft, and their QB depth chart now looks something like this:

Mark Sanchez
David Garrard
Tim Tebow
Greg McElroy
Matt Simms
Geno Smith

Expect Smith to rise dramatically the minute he steps onto the practice field. Expect Sanchez, who will make $8.25 million this season (or $82.5 million, according to USA Today) to be the opening-week starter, because he who ruins the salary cap, gets to start. Otherwise, it’s the Hunger Games at Jets camp.

What we can say pretty much for sure is that this is the end of Tebowmania, at least in the U.S.

Smith’s quote to ESPN after being chosen: “I have to thank God for this.”

Don’t you mean, “blame”?