Jets Players Clearly Make Way Too Much Money

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Forbes released a totally arbitrary, yet still plausible list of the 10 most overpaid players in the NFL in 2012. Of course, it’s not an exact science, especially with the way the NFL’s pay structure is set up to avoid such overcompensation as Forbes notes, but it’s a believable bunch. And what would a list reeking of disappointment be without a healthy dose of the New York Jets?

Before we get into which Jets made the cut (they’re exactly the ones you’re thinking of), let’s take a look at Forbes’ criteria:

We came up with our list of overpaid players not through sheer stats – that makes little sense in football, where team systems and game plans drive many of the numbers -but by using basic common sense. We looked at all NFL players making at least $5 million in 2012 (there are 169 of them) and determined which have given back the least performance-wise over the past few years. Who’s getting All-Pro money without making All-Pro? Who’s been having trouble staying on the field consistently?

That having been said, your No. 1 overpaid player in the NFL is…David Harris! The Jets linebacker clocked in on top with a $12 million salary, and as Forbes notes, he’s good, but not great — certainly not worth $12 million. The other members of Gang Green who make the list should come as no surprise, as a four-year-old probably could have told you that Antonio Cromartie and Santonio Holmes are making way too much buck for their bang.

My other favorites on the list include Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis (somehow that guy is making $9.6 million disappointing fantasy teams across the land) and Sidney Rice (not really worth his $8.2 million without Brett Favre and his penis). I do however, have a hard time believing Vernon Davis should be on this list. $8 million is a lot for anyone to command, but he basically was the 49ers offense last year. Still, <333 143 Alex Smith.

Rethink your business model, Mike Tannenbaum!

[Forbes, photo via Getty]