Jets Skip Last Day Of OTAs To Play Paintball Because They Can Totally Afford To Do That

  • Zach Berger

Instead of practicing on their last of organized team activities, or OTAs, the New York Jets decided to take a stab at some team bonding by having a voluntary paintball day. Tweets, Vines, and Instagram pictures from players made their way around this morning, although many were later deleted.

This seems like the perfect event for a team full of players that are more than used to taking shots at each other. Just two weeks ago, an anonymous player said that “80 to 90 percent” of the team doesn’t want Mark Sanchez as their quarterback. Last season, the Jets were plagued by anonymous player stories seemingly every other week. What better way to work out issues like that than by shooting each other with gelatin shells filled with water soluble dye?

It isn’t clear if embattled quarterback Mark Sanchez made his way to the paintball outing, but one thing is for sure: he’d be an asset for any paintball team to have. Sanchez’s inept ability at hitting players on the opposing team with balls applies perfectly to this sport. If and when — more likely when — his career comes to an end, this might be a seamless transition for him.

If you know anything about Nick Mangold, the New York Jets’ All-Pro center, you might not be surprised to hear that he showed up in full army fatigues for the bonding event, as you can see below. He looks like an absolute boss as always, but I’m not sure that the outfit is going to do much to hide the 6’4″, 307-pound center.

Speaking of having a hard time hiding, check out Vladimir Ducasse (far right) in the group picture above. Ducasse is listed at a generous 325 pounds and is not exactly the most athletically gifted offensive lineman in the league. Something tells me that Vladdy had a very long day.

This is classic New York Jets, foregoing all logic related to football in lieu of a headline-grabbing story. The Jets are coming off of a 6-10 season and are ranked as the worst team in the league, and yet they’re skipping practice to play paintball. But you know what they say: Super Bowls are won and lost on the paintball field. Oh, wait, nobody’s ever said that.

[h/t to the NY Post’s Brian Costello]