Jim Harbaugh Points At Things, Gets Flagged

  • Rick Chandler

The 49ers have taken a 13-10 lead at Carolina on this Colin Kaepernick to Vernon Davis TD pass … but not before some hijinx by Jim Harbaugh. The pass to the back corner od the end zone was initially ruled incomplete, but replays showed that Davis dragged the requisite number of feet in bounds to make it a catch.

Harbaugh, though, apparently forgot that the NFL had a replay system — running onto the field to confront a ref while pointing at the Jumbo Tron, which was replaying the catch. He got a penalty flag for that.

Best part: Anquan Boldin pulling Harbaugh aside and telling him to cool it.

The controversy included this extended video closeup of grass. That’s why the NFL is the most-watched sport in North America.

UPDATE: Kaepernick short TD run, 49ers up 20-10, 7:58 left in the third quarter.