Please, Let These Tweets From Colts Owner Jim Irsay Not Be About Brett Favre

  • Glenn Davis

Peyton Manning has a neck injury, and though he’d like to continue his consecutive games streak, it’s not certain he’ll be able to. The Colts, then, have to evaluate their other quarterbacking options. The non-Manning QBs on the Colts’ current roster? Unproven. And you know what happens whenever rumors swirl that a team might want to add a quarterback…it pains us to say it as much as it pains you to read it, but THE FAVRE WATCH IS ON HIGH ALERT.

And this time, there’s a twist. Colts owner Jim Irsay actually tweeted earlier about being in Mississppi. Uh oh. Then, he tweeted a bit later, ostensibly in a direct message gone awry, about being in Hattiesburg, Miss., specifically. Where’s Favre from again? Oh no. In case this disappears eventually, here it is:

Here’s the thing, though: it may all be an elaborate joke. Irsay doesn’t take himself all that seriously on Twitter, so it wouldn’t be totally unlike him to pull one over on all of us, on a subject he obviously knows will get people riled up. Additionally, that direct message “misfire” was sent a couple hours ago now…we’re thinking that would have been enough time to delete the evidence if he really wanted to, but the tweet is still there. We’re thinking this whole thing is a joke. And if it is, seriously, Jim: not cool, man.

On the other hand…Favre would be a much more proven backup, and the Colts wouldn’t be counting on him to last the full season, and it would give them the most quarterbacking talent ever on one roster, and if there’s one guy Favre’s ego could probably handle backing up it’s Manning, and Favre news is for me personally approaching a critical point where I’ll have hated it for so long that I’ll finally relent and actually start loving Favre ness and the way it messes with people’s minds, and oh God I actually started thinking about the possibility resist resist RESIST.

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