Jim Nantz Had No Idea What Happened At The End Of Patriots-Jets

  • Glenn Davis

If you watched Jets-Patriots on CBS yesterday, chances are you were pretty confused right after it ended. Not at what actually happened on the field – the Jets fumbled, the Patriots recovered, game over, Pats win. Pretty straightforward. No, what confused you was that in describing the outcome of the game immediately upon its conclusion, announcer Jim Nantz was apparently living in an alternate universe where the exact opposite of what you saw on your screen was what actually happened:

This is one of the most confusing announcing screwups we’ve ever heard. Mistakes happen, of course, but to go that long without realizing what he was saying? Without it dawning on him that, wait a minute, the Patriots were the ones who recovered that fumble? The weirdest part is it clearly wasn’t just a slip of the tongue. He had that whole bit ready to go about what a shocking result this would be, got through it, and still didn’t realize he was getting everything backwards, because then he started talking about how the Jets were alone in first place.

Maybe that was the problem – Nantz was too ready to talk about the Jets’ win, like he’d already pre-formed the narrative in his head and was so dead-set on that storyline that he couldn’t stop himself from acting like it happened, even after it didn’t. Or maybe he’d just had a really long day. Extra coffee next week, Jim.

[Awful Announcing]