Jimmy Fallon Nominates The New York Jets In The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Jets Get Hosed

  • Jake O'Donnell

When Justin Timberlake challenges Jimmy Fallon — to anything, really — the Tonight Show host is gauranteed to accepted. That’s why it was no surprise when Fallon broke out the ice buckets at the end of last night’s show to make good on the #IceBucketChallenge that has commandeered the internet.

His guest, Rob Riggle, coincidentally had been challenged by the wife of Red Sox pitcher Clay Bucholz that very day, so, ya know, icy water on his head, too. (Also, he’ll donate to ALS research.)

Fallon explicitly challenged the New York Jets — excluding owner Woody Johnson who actually challenged Fallon yesterday — whom we expect to acquiesce by the end of today (you have 24 hours per challenge rules).


The New York Jets got ice-hosed. Due to a technicality (it’s called the ice “bucket” challenege) there may need to be a re-icing. Sorry guys.

No word yet on whether it was in response to Fallon or the New England Patriots, though afterwards, Rex Ryan nominated Browns’ coach Mike Pettine (whom he said he would punch in the face, as well).