Here’s Jimmy Johnson Calling Dexter McCluster “Duster McCluster,” Because Why Not? (UPDATE)

  • Glenn Davis

“Dexter McCluster” is already a pretty great name. It flows effortlessly off the tongue, both “Dexter” and “McCluster” are already kind of amusing names, and of course, it comes respectably close to rhyming. But there’s something even better than a name that almost rhymes…a name that actually does rhyme. Thankfully, earlier today, Jimmy Johnson gave us all a listen to what it would be like if McCluster’s name were even more lyrical:

You know, for once we might have to actually excuse the co-hosts’ incessant laughing because…Duster McCluster. Tell us this didn’t make you wish that were actually McCluster’s name. We might even pretend it actually is, and only ever refer to him as “Duster McCluster” from now on. And speaking of McCluster: he caught a 38-yard Hail Mary touchdown pass today. Nice going, Duster.

UPDATE: We’ve been told (and given the original tweet that alerted us to this, it would make sense) that Jimmy Johnson as actually imitating an earlier mistake by Terry Bradshaw. This would make all the laughter less forgivable.

[h/t Awful Announcing]