Joe Flacco Is An Elite Quarterback Now, By The Way

  • Dylan Murphy

So there’s this question out there, whether or not Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback. This is important because Rankings and Authority and Categories. So what say you, America? Elite, or not elite?

Jason Cole, Yahoo!:

“On Sunday, Flacco took the cue from his coach and completed the journey to elite status by torching New England.”

Tom Flynn, Baltimore Post-Examiner:

“Joe Flacco: Welcome to the elite quarterback club”

Luke Hughes,

“But while ‘experts’ continue to deny him his due, Flacco continues to prove time and again just how deserving he is of that ‘elite’ tag.”

Steve Gregory, New England Patriots:

“He is one of the elite quarterbacks. I know he gets a lot of flak for not being that type of guy, but he is.”

Steve Politi, The Star-Ledger:

“Joe Flacco proves he’s an elite quarterback in Ravens’ Super Bowl run.”

Donald Wood, Bleacher Report:

“When Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco helped lead the Ravens to a 28-13 victory over the New England Patriots in the 2013 AFC Championship Game, he not only catapulted his team to Super Bowl XLVII, but he also cemented his status as an elite NFL quarterback.”

Joe Linta, Joe Flacco’s agent:

“”I’ve been the one putting him on a pedestal saying Joe’s a top-five, elite quarterback, and he’s proving it.”

Kimberley A. Martin, Newsday:

“Joe Flacco kept pace with Tom Brady, refusing to concede that he isn’t every bit the elite quarterback he has touted himself to be.”

Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens:

“But after the way he played in the second half, if that’s not elite, what is?”

Zach Berman, Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Another win would continue to validate what was apparent Sunday – that he is among the league’s elite.”

Rich Eisen, NFL Network:

Glad that’s settled, then.