Joe Morgan For President! Saints Receiver Flips Defenders, Calls Out Skip Bayless

  • Matt Rudnitsky

You know how some people say that football players are dumb? Well, I don’t care that they copy homework from 11-year olds, this is definitive proof that football players are the smartest people in the world. JOE MORGAN IS BREAKING STEREOTYPES. JOE MORGAN FOR PRESIDENT.

The formerly-no-name Saints receiver won our hearts by flipping a Bucs defender over his back on Sunday. And after he told us why he didn’t watch his thrilling highlight on SportsCenter, we don’t want our hearts back. They’re yours, forever and always, <3 Mr. Morgan <3.

We’ll always be your friend, Joe. We’re not mean like Skip! (Just don’t like kill any dogs, or anything. Pretty please.)

Of course, Skip Trollmore is not actually on SportsCenter, but the mere chance of him being flashed to for TEBOWNALYSIS or OPINIONS or BICEPS is an admirable reason for not watching the show, despite its intrigue. We all could learn a thing or two from Joe Morgan, a smart, principled man who, if I have anything to say about it, will be leading our great country one day. I applaud you, Joe, you integrity-laden bastard.

We will undoubtedly see a rebuttal from Mr. Trollmore. The High Road has an invisible Bayless-Repelling Fence. Here’s my best guess at Skip’s tweet.

Joe Morgan calling me out? Joke. My biceps are bigger than his BIG FAT HEAD. Only won TWO World Series. I’ve beaten Stephen A. Smith 3900 times in a row. No intangibles. Come debate me, YOU WON’T.

[Deadspin; image via]