NFL Analyst Has Unfortunate Slip Of The Tongue, Reduces Fellow Analysts To 9-Year-Olds

  • Dan Fogarty

We know NFL analysts are a giddy bunch. But if you put them all together in one room, give them a ton of coffee, and suddenly one of them gets a case of the accidental profanities, well… things just get silly.

Such was the case during this NFL Network segment about the upcoming slate of playoff games. Joe Theismann, who’s already sort of known for flubs like this, was in the midst of describing New England’s potent offense. But when he got to talking about running back Danny Woodhead, this happened:

It takes a second to sink in, but fellow analyst Deion Sanders knows something funny just happened. From there, all hell breaks loose, and a room full of grown men are reduced to nine-year-olds. As SB Nation points out, this was some sort of fast-moving segment with rapidly-changing camera angles (I guess to ratchet up the seriousness of it all). So that just kind of adds to the fun.

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