This Tweet, Apparently From Joe Theismann, About Donte’ Stallworth Was…Regrettable

  • Glenn Davis

Donte Stallworth will suit up for the Redskins in 2011. Stallworth hardly did anything for the Ravens last year, but that didn’t deter former Redskins quarterback/(widely derided) NFL analyst Joe Theismann from thinking that if only Stallworth can remain healthy this season. The Redskins might have a steal. Unfortunately, Theismann expressed this view via Twitter, and the way he did so left something to be desired:

Hope Donte has a healthy yr. Could b DUI. maker

OK, first off, Theismann’s account is not verified, but when the same account tweeted about Theismann’s employment status with NFL Network earlier this year, it was treated as coming from Theismann (the information relayed was indeed correct). And if this really was Theismann…here, of course, is why this was a regrettable error.

Well…Theismann said it was an error, at least:

I meant could b difference maker

Needless to say, not everyone saw his original tweet and assumed an honest mistake…one reason being the significant gap between “DUI” and “difference” (or even “diff,” if that’s what Theismann was going for). Theismann continued trying to make amends, but the damage was done – no matter the medium, Joe Theismann just can’t stop saying ill-advised things.

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