WATCH: Baltimore Ravens Coach Tears Into Hot-Dogging Player

  • Glenn Davis

Some people can’t stand the sometimes-excessive, sometimes-premeditated showboating of NFL players. Apparently, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is one of them.

How do we know? One of his players, Dannell Ellerbe, hot-dogged pretty heavily on a touchdown off an interception return during the Ravens’ preseason game against the Rams Thursday. It was a nifty play – cornerback Cary Williams knocked the ball away, then Ellerbe picked it out of the air and took it all the way back.

But in Harbaugh’s view, it wasn’t nifty enough for Ellerbe to brazenly hold the ball out in front of him, then theatrically stop on the one-yard line, holding the ball over the end zone, before stepping in. When Ellerbe got back to the sideline, Harbaugh let him hear it – forcefully, and extensively.

Harbaugh’s tirade reminded us more of something we’d see a college coach do – then again, Harbaugh’s brother Jim is a college coach. And frankly, Ellerbe had it coming. His coach might not have completely tamed him, but he might think twice before pulling a similar stunt now. Video of both the play and Harbaugh’s haranguing below.

H/T Jimmy Traina