John Madden Anoints Robert Griffin III Second Coming Of Tim Tebow, Except That RG3 Can Throw A Football

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Robert Griffin III is having a pretty damn good week. He starts his first NFL game, wins his first NFL game, does it against a formidable Saints squad in their impenetrable fortress, and becomes the first rookie to take home Player of the Week honors in Week 1. Not a bad foray into the pro gridiron for the rookie. On top of that, he’s received high praise from everyone’s favorite football guru/turducken chef/video game franchise namesake, John Madden. And even better, it came at the expense of Tim Tebow!

John Madden is an astute evaluator of NFL talent, this we know. He also offers up the most colorful, engaging commentary of anyone in the game. So when it all came together during his appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, he rightfully praised Griffin (like any normal person would after that kind of debut), and spared no prisoner in Tim Tebow (via Washington Post):

“You know, the thing that he did that was so amazing was he reminded me — and I don’t mean to throw names around — but he reminded me of a Tim Tebow that can pass,” Madden said, obviously. “You know, Tim Tebow, when he was playing for Denver last year, he would tend to freeze the defenses, because they weren’t sure if it was run or pass, if he was gonna hand off or run. I mean, he couldn’t pass like RGIII — [Griffin] can throw the ball — but he has a tendency to freeze the defense.

“If he fakes inside, you don’t want to collapse, because he may keep it and run outside,” Madden continued. “And when he runs outside, he may run or he may throw it. And then throughout all that stuff, he didn’t have any turnovers. He played a clean game. That was the thing. You know the rookie quarterback, they’re gonna show him a lot on defense, and I don’t know that they can [rattle] him. They’re gonna [try to] confuse him, they’re gonna go after him, they’re gonna force him to make turnovers. And he didn’t do that. And that was one of the most impressive parts of the game to me.”

A Tim Tebow that can pass. I don’t know whether that’s higher praise for Griffin or a deeper dig at Tebow. Either way, he is right. I mean, everything John said is true. Now, what he could have done was just compare him to Cam Newton, who can freeze defenses with his legs, and can also pass. That seems like more the quarterback RGIII is.

Now, maybe he didn’t do that because he feels Tebow’s and Griffin’s legs are more prolific than Newton’s, or maybe he just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to point out the fact that Tim Tebow is still a terrible quarterback. Still hilarious.

But what John failed to recognize and give Tim rightful plaudits for, is the stranglehold Tebowing still has over Griffining (yeah, sorry everyone, that’s a thing now) in the pop culture universe. It’s still probably only a matter of time though before Griffining takes over and forces Tebowing to sit on the sideline and do nothing but catch onside kicks. You know, if “Tebowing” could do such a thing.

[WaPo, Getty Images]