John McCain Would Change Redskins' Name, So Stop Calling This 'Conservative Vs. Libtard'

  • Matt Rudnitsky

A large proportion of intelligent fans and media are on board for a Washington Redskins name change. But whenever somebody supports real-life humans and trashes Inhuman Money Tree Dan Synder, there are detractors. And 99% of the time, these people’s objections are political.

Samples from our website:

“liberal goof”

“Snyder is just using the left’s abortion mantra: My franchise, MY CHOICE!! But, unlike abortion, no babies (or any color, in or outside the womb) are being dismembered.”

Last time I read this blog you politically correct girly men.

There is typically mention of “conservatives” vs. “libtards,” when, in fact, this is not a political issue. It’s an issue of some people rightfully being offended and other people supporting them to not be mean.

But as dumb as the liberal vs. conservative argument was, it is now even dumber. John McCain is on #TeamPotatoSkins. He, you may have heard, is a Republican.

I do believe that if I were [Snyder], I would sit down with Native American leaders,” McCain said Friday on “The Dan Patrick Show.” “I’m not the owner and he has rights of an owner, but, frankly, I would probably change the name.”

“If they’re offended, then their feelings need to be taken into consideration,” the senator said.

This really isn’t a complicated “issue.” Not every argument can be defined by the differing beliefs of two disparate political groups.

Sometimes, it’s just assholes vs. non-assholes.