Johnny Manziel Is NOT A Douche, Suggests Gruden QB Camp Video

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Jon Gruden’s QB camp is one of the coolest things ESPN does. It’s the type of thing the network should do more often — use its ridiculous budget, access and platform to give viewers cool, genuine insight they can’t get anywhere else. As awesome as I’d like to think SportsGrid is… we’re can’t exactly provide you with exclusive and (seemingly) candid clips of Johnny Manziel as the 2014 NFL Draft approaches.

But we can show you a clip, a clip that certainly doesn’t give any credibility to the douches that assume Johnny is a douche just because he hooks up with attractive girls and missed a practice at a camp once.

The hour-long special airs Thursday night (tomorrow), at 7pm ET on ESPN. Definitely worth checking out.