Jerry Jones And One Of His Players Had To Be Separated In The Cowboys Locker Room

  • Dan Fogarty

According to CBS’ Dallas-Forth Worth affiliate, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was involved in a “volcanic” exchange with injured nose tackle Jay Ratliff, one that ended in several players having to intervene to most likely save the 70-year-old man from being beaten up by someone he pays.

The confrontation took place last Sunday, after the Cowboys’ Dec. 2 win against the Eagles. Jones, who famously enjoys mingling with the football players he employs, went over to Ratliff and said, simply, “We need you.”

According to, Ratliff, who’s been sidelined since Nov. 18 due to ankle and groin injuries, didn’t take too kindly to Mr. Jones’ words of encouragement.

Ratliff’s response was a heated one. Jones, 70, did not back down even as the 6-4, 303-pound player rose to physically challenge him and then made derisive mention of Jones’ age.

Says an anonymous source:

“They’re both passionate men and great men and they want to win, that’s all it is,’’ one source said. “But they were in each other’s faces. People had to intervene.’’

Good for Jerry Jones for not backing down to a guy who’s 303 pounds, although, as Shutdown Corner astutely notes, that courage may come from the fact that Jones signs Ratliff’s checks. Such a power dynamic can sometimes cloud the fact that the guy standing in front of you is twice your size and half your age.