Josh Brent’s BAC Was .18 The Night His Best Friend Was Killed

  • Dan Fogarty

On the night Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent drove drunk, crashed his car, and killed his teammate and best friend Jerry Brown, authorities took a blood sample. Although Brent refused a breathalyzer, the police could draw his blood against his will because someone died in the crash. The resulting blood alcohol level — 0.18 — was more than double the legal limit.

Via the Dallas Morning News:

According to one online blood alcohol content calculator, a person Brent’s size would have to drink about 20 shots over a four-hour period to reach that blood alcohol level.

According to Richard Alpert, a veteran prosecutor the News interviewed who’s not working this case but is “the leading national authority on drunken driving prosecution,” the next step is piecing together where and how Brent was drinking by using social media.

Some of that detective work has been done already. Via the Star-Telegram:

The accident occurred after Brent and Jones were returning from a night of drinking at a private club, Privae Dallas. According to the Twitter account of a club promoter, at least 12 Cowboys were in attendance that night.

Brent faces 20 years in jail.