The Tragic And Unexpected Deaths Of Jovan Belcher And Kasandra Perkins

  • Joe Levine

You’ve likely already heard the terrible news that Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed himself this morning. But what you probably haven’t heard much about yet is his girlfriend and mother of his three-month-old child that he killed prior to committing suicide.

Kasandra Perkins began dating Jovan Belcher in February 2010, moving from Texas to Missouri to be with the undrafted Kansas City Chiefs linebacker. According the Kasandra’s family, the couple was extremely happy together and “always seemed to be in love.”

Kasandra would be pregnant with the pair’s first child less than two years later. Their daughter, Zoey, was born in September 2012, and family members say Perkins and Belcher couldn’t have seemed happier.

That’s what makes today’s news that much more shocking. The happy couple got into an argument at around 7:00AM Saturday morning that quickly escalated, leading to Perkins being shot multiple times by Belcher, as witnessed by Perkins’ visiting mother. Perkins was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. From there, Belcher headed to Arrowhead Stadium, where he met his own tragic end.

There will be plenty of analysis over why this happened and what drove Belcher to kill the woman he loved and himself with seemingly no warning. It’s difficult to make sense of such a mindless tragedy, but it’s not difficult to remember the parties lost in the process, may they rest in peace.

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