JRSmith.com Is A Website For A Company That Lays Pipe

  • Eric Goldschein

The web roundup for Wednesday, April 10. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. See anything that should be on SportsGrid? Send it to tips@sportsgrid.com. Now, our starting five.

1. Is this not the most amazing coincidence of all time?

I smell endorsement. [Posting & Toasting]

2. Roddy White: Super Bowl or bust for Falcons next year.

They weren’t actually trying last time. [ESPN]

3. Diddy is not bangin’ Kate Upton.

Crisis averted.

4. An interactive guide to Augusta.

If you’re into that sort of thing. [The Guardian]

Not sports related, still important.

Don’t put an eel in your butt; Bitcoin isn’t feeling so hot; hey, look, a bipartisan deal on background checks; this is the correct response to “Accidental Racist.”

Food porn of the day.

Yolk pools are the best pools.

And finally, tonight…

The most Japanese thing ever?