Judge In Aaron Hernandez Case Releases Court Documents On Search Warrant [UPDATED]

  • Zach Berger

Bristol County District Judge Daniel O’Shea has ordered that documents related to the searach and seizure at Aaron Hernandez’s home be released this afternoon. The documents to be released include searach warrants, affidavits detailing what police were looking for, and what was taken form his home during the search.

A number of Massachusetts newspapers filed a court motion asking for the documents to be made public, and Judge O’Shea ruled in their favor on Monday.

As of now, there a number of reporters standing around a courthouse hallway pretending to look busy as they await the release. We’ll continue to keep you updated.

Hernandez was charged with murder and a number of gun-related charges in the death of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd. Hernandez and Lloyd were acquaintances as they were dating sisters. It has been reported that a potential motive could be Lloyd’s knowledge of an earlier double-murder allegedly committed by Hernandez last July.

[Updates below:]

The affidavits released say that police were looking for biological evidence, such as blood or gunshot residue, when they searched Hernandez’s home. They did find a gunshot residue kit. They also took a pair of Nike sneakers and a receipt from Ernest Wallace, a friend of Hernandez.

Phone records showed that Hernandez texted murder victim Odin Lloyd on the night of the murder to ask: “Are We still on.” Lloyd did not respond to the text. Hernandez admitted to police that he had rented the Enterprise car for Odin Lloyd that was found and connected to the murder.

Hernandez texted Wallace the night of the murder and said, “Hurry ur ass up.” Wallace responded: “On way…God bless.”

Hernandez told police that he last saw Lloyd on Sunday, the day before the murder. When informed it was a “death investigation,” Hernandez went into his house and slammed the door.

Police later questioned Hernandez’s fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, about the case. She began crying when informed Lloyd was dead. Hernandez called her while she was talking to police and told her to stop speaking with them.

Here’s a picture of the search warrant, via ABC Boston:

The rental car that Hernandez purchased from Enterprise was a Nissan Altima. It was returned with damage to the left sideview mirror and Hernandez apologized and claimed he did not know how it took place. Tire tracks found next to Lloyd’s body matched the tires on the Altima. Hernandez and friend Ernest Wallace’s fingerprints were found in the vehicle.

The released affidavit shows that police were looking for video surveillance to try and determine who was with Hernandez and Lloyd in Hernandez’s home the night of the murder.

They did seize a video recorder and hard drive from the surveillance system in his home, although it had been reported previously that the surveillance system was physically damaged. Police also seized three iPads and an iPhone from the residence during the search. The surveillance footage shows Hernandez with a gun in his basement on the night of the murder. Later footage shows Hernandez arriving at his house at 12:40 a.m. He met two men in the driveway and was holding a gun in his hand as he entered the house.

The documents also show that a witness at the nightclub Rumor saw a handgun in Hernandez’s waistband just days prior to the murder.

For more updates, you can check out ABC Boston’s live feed.