Julius Peppers’ Agent Is Trying To Discredit A Reporter By Referencing His RateMyProfessor Pages, Which Say That He’s “Hot”

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Reporter Dan Kane has been investigating the UNC academic fraud scandal for the News & Observer in North Carolina, and his latest piece discusses a recently-revealed transcript that suggests former basketball/football star Julius Peppers, who last played in Chapel Hill in 2001, didn’t get his grades legitimately. Previously, the evidence showed that the school’s fraud dated back to 2007. This means it could date back much further. This is bad.

University officials had little to say Monday about the transcript, which was first identified by rival N.C. State University fans on the PackPride bulletin board. The university said in a brief statement that the transcript appears to be genuine, and declined all requests for interviews.

Willis Brooks, a professor emeritus of history at UNC who once sat on its faculty athletics committee, called the transcript evidence of an academic path with the sole intent of keeping an athlete eligible to compete. But he pointed the finger at those in the university who helped make it happen.

“I feel willing to criticize a university that allows a student to get away without an education, or a very narrow one,” he said. “And that’s what this one is, a very narrow education. In no sense is this a liberal arts education.”

And here’s where things get weird. The Big Lead discovered a website named DirtyDanKane.com, which looks like it was created 15-year-old kid stuck in 2002. It attempts to discredit the reporter with poor syntax and unsubstantiated claims about Kane’s “lack of ethical conduct.”

The Big Lead looked into it further, and all the evidence suggests that the creator of the website is Carl Carey. Carl Carey is Peppers’ current agent, tutored Peppers at UNC and taught at UNC in the summer of 2011 under some shady circumstances. The story of Carey’s teaching was reported by Kane last year.

At a time when UNC-Chapel Hill officials were embarrassed to find that sports agents had infiltrated the football program, the chairman of the university’s African and Afro-American Studies Department hired an agent to teach a summer class.

At the time of the class this summer, the agent, Carl Carey Jr., was representing two UNC football players who had been selected in this spring’s NFL draft.

There wasn’t any specific wrongdoing by Carey in Kane’s story, but the relationship was sketchy. It mostly made the school look bad, but it probably didn’t excite Carey.

So for whatever reason, Carey hates Kane and is trying to discredit him. I suppose he’s either trying to protect his teaching reputation, UNC (for whatever reason), Peppers (who can’t get in trouble now that he’s a rich NFL star), or something else. Maybe he thinks this will hurt his ability to get new clients, or keep his current ones.

Whatever he’s trying to do, he’s failing at, miserably. And it’s hilarious. Check out the website:

That’s the entirety of it, save for links to two RateMyProfessor pages (a widely popular site used by college students) reviewing Carl Carey the teacher. Carey does have a Ph.D in educational psychology, so he’s qualified to teach. The pages are for classes he’s taught in the past few years at “Lone Star College” in Texas and “Texas Southern University.” Nothing for the class at UNC.

From this year, at “Lone Star College.”

He got the maximum rating for “Easiness,” and the elusive chili pepper that means students think he’s “hot.” It’s not an easy distinction to receive. He must actually be “hot,” unless he’s gaming the system somehow. Good for him.

At Texas Sothern there was more stuff about how easy he is, how attendance is optional and that quizzes are extra credit. You get the point. He’s not exactly challenging his students. Not that this proves anything, but if you’re going to make a biased, ridiculous website to make yourself look like a great teacher, this isn’t the best way to do it. He also was involved with other UNCers involved in scandals, Robert Quinn and Marvin Austin.

One more note: I know his students think he’s “hot” and “easy,” which appears to make him “cool.” But this appears to be his LinkedIn page. He only has one connection. Total loser!

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