Justin Blackmon Still Loves Weed

  • Eric Goldschein

justin blackmonIt appears there are few things Justin Blackmon, former Oklahoma State star and Jacksonsville Jaguars wide receiver, loves more than weed. Already facing an indefinite suspension for a repeat violation of the league’s substance abuse policy, Blackmon was arrested last night for possession of marijuana in Edmond, OK after being pulled over for a traffic violation.

Blackmon’s chances of being reinstated anytime soon, or ever, just took a massive… hit.

Of weed.

Via news9.com:

According to Edmond police, at about 6:30 p.m., an officer stopped a car driven by Blackmon for a traffic violation at Edmond Road and Kelly Avenue. Police said the car was going westbound approaching the intersection, when it drove into the eastbound lanes in order to navigate around stopped traffic to enter the southbound turn lane.

Police said Blackmon did not have a driver’s license with him. While speaking to Blackmon, the officer said he could smell an odor of marijuana coming from inside the car.

The officer said he asked Blackmon to step out of the car. At that time, Blackmon admitted to there being marijuana in the car.

Blackmon, police said, also admitted that he had been smoking a “blunt” of marijuana while he was driving, and that a full “blunt” was contained within a box of Swisher Sweets inside the car.

After a search, police said they found three grams of marijuana.

Police said that Blackmon was “honest and cooperative” throughout the arrest process, which is probably because he was high as fuck. You know what people who are high don’t do? Get violent, like Ray Rice.

Regardless, arguing the relative suspensions of guys like Blackmon and Josh Gordon, habitual weed-smokers, and Rice, who punched a woman in the face, is pointless here. The NFL has rules, and Blackmon continues to break them — not to mention the law. Also, driving without a license and like a moron are not things that responsible, mature people do. Even responsible, mature weed smokers can admit that.

But Blackmon either doesn’t care about rejoining the league, or can’t help himself at this point. This is the real issue with weed: not that it makes you insane, or a bad person, or a violent criminal… but lazy. It makes you okay with not fulfilling your very lucrative dream of playing pro football. Which is a shame, because he was a damn fine football player.

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