Philadelphia Children Were Allegedly Throwing Beer Bottles At The New York Giants

  • Glenn Davis

Philadelphia sports fans can’t catch a break. Constantly dumped on for allegedly being especially violent and rowdy, called some of the worst in sports, even if part of the reason for that is an incident that happened over 40 years ago – they’ve heard it all. And if an account of one incident following the Eagles’ 29-16 loss to the Giants yesterday is true, taking shots at Philly fans just got even easier.

The account comes from Giants defensive end Justin Tuck. Consider: this is Tuck’s seventh year with the Giants. He’s seen his share of Giants-Eagles contests, enough not to be surprised at most things he sees. Even upon being greeted with an especially high number of middle fingers yesterday, he took it in stride, knowing that kind of fan anger comes with the territory. But there’s one thing he saw that could startle even a veteran of one of football’s fiercest rivalries:

Wow. We just had a 7 maybe 8 year old. Throw a beer at the bus. #greatparents. Not

Those Philly fans, they start so young. More seriously, though, Tuck’s “wow” – assuming he really saw what he thinks he did – is deserved. It’s a little scary to hear about a kid doing something like this – if he’s doing this stuff already, what will he be like in a few years? And it won’t help the Philly stereotype that the kid would have to learn that from somewhere.

Less seriously, let’s face it – there’s a certain sick humor value, even if it’s funny in a sad way, over a kid doing something age-inappropriate (something that’s not exactly unprecedented at Philadelphia sporting events). Funny – so long as no one gets hurt – or not, though, all this does is ensure yet more jokes at Philly fans’ expense. We think overall, those fans probably get a bum rap, but when you hear about a kid throwing a beer, all we can think is, “Wow, we just hope that kid doesn’t grow up to be this.”

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Photo via Total Pro Sports