Uh, The Chiefs’ Offensive Coordinator Said Alex Smith Is The Best QB In The League…

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Alex Smith ChiefsWe hate to make such a big deal out of one quote, but this is too ridiculous to ignore. Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, Doug Pederson, said that his quarterback, Alex Smith, is the best quarterback in the NFL. The National Football League.

The same National Football League that has Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Mark Sanchez.

“Ultimately, every team has to have a quarterback,” Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson said, via Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star. “I think we have the best in the league.”

Well, can’t argue with that brilliant quote: “ultimately, ever team has to have a quarterback.” The Chiefs got themselves a legend here.

“There are a lot of great ones,” Pederson said, “but over time, Alex has proven he can get it done. He’s a sharp guy, he brings a wealth of knowledge, he’s experienced, he’s a proven winner the last couple of years, and he needs a team to embrace him.”

You know what? I’m convinced. Stats and eye test, be damned. If Alex Smith retired today, he’d go down as the best quarterback of our generation.


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