KC Fan Offers Her Wedding Ring For Chiefs-Broncos Tickets, Scores

  • Rick Chandler

Wait, wait, wait … hold up a minute. This just in: turns out the ring was from the woman’s first marriage. So, not such a sacrifice after all. Anyway, an unnamed lady person placed an ad on Craigslist, wanting tickets to two Chiefs games in exchange for her wedding ring. The not-so-precious is valued at $3,100, so that’s still a lot, considering she could just sell it.

And, someone bit. A trader has been found, and the deal is this: the unnamed woman gets four tickets to the Broncos-Chiefs game on Dec. 1, and two tickets to the Nov. 24 Chargers-Chiefs game, in exchange for the ring. Thanks, Larry! (We’re assuming her first husband is named Larry).

We’re not sure where the seats are, but for the Broncos-Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium on Dec. 1, the secondary market ticket aggregator SeatGeek shows tickets available for as little as $225 each for the cheap seats to $1,059 each for nice ones. So the jury is out on who got the best deal here.

And the fact that the Chargers are involved is just sad, somehow.

Of course prices could change dramatically depending on what happens this Sunday.

Photo: Craigslist.