Keith Olbermann Went Predictably Nuts Over The Ray Rice Suspension (Or Lack Thereof)

  • Jake O'Donnell

For Keith Olbermann, the NFL-imposed Ray Rice domestic violence suspension is about human respect. Or wasn’t. The ESPN host went on to explain in no uncertain terms that punishments doled out by the league are indicative of how egregious and/or wrong they deem that particular indiscretion to be. Albert Haynesworth stepping on a dude got him five games. Ray Rice got two for knocking out his wife. For Olbermann, it’s black and white: The NFL determined that a cheap shot to an opponent during play is more than twice as bad as uppercutting your fiancé.

Worse still, the NFL then goes on to sell female-specific merchandise because, for lack of a better explanation, they respect women enough to accept money from them. Just not enough to sufficiently punish the men who punch them in the face.