Kellen Winslow Is Being Sued Because Of Dog Poop

  • Dan Fogarty

Not the best week for former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Kellen Winslow. After being let go by new head coach Greg Schiano and landing with the Seahawks, the 28-year-old tight end and “[expletive] soldier” is being sued by the owners of a home he rented last year in Rancho Santa Fe. The town regularly ranks first or second for average household income in the U.S., but, according to the suit, Winslow turned his home there into a veritable palace of dog shit.

Via The San Diego Union-Tribune, which obtained documents from the suit.

The Persian rugs and carpeting “were stained with dog urine and also littered with dog feces,” according to the claim obtained by UT San Diego. “The house was overpowered with a putrid stench of animal waste.”

The owners’ claim also states there were numerous holes punctured in the walls of the master bedroom. Meanwhile, the outdoor furniture “was pocked with cigarette and cigar burn holes.”

The owners of the home are looking for than $133,000 in property damages. Winslow’s attorney is denying the claims, saying it’s “a shakedown of a professional athlete.” Stinky business, all around.

[UT San Diego, via PFT]